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Here is our bread and butter. Our goal is to create the highest quality and most useful guides out there. Topics include the hardware troubleshooting and network insight you need to know to repair your console or learn something new. Our Xbox 360 guides are here to help and if you find them helpful or if you want to request a guide please take some time and drop us a note. We are willing to update, modify, and make our guides easier to follow.

We are working very hard to update and add content to this page. Please check back often for updates.

Advanced How-To Guides

How to Open an Xbox 360 Controller
Hardware Guide

This guide will show you how to open an Xbox 360 Controller and put it back together the easy way. If you want to mod, repair, clean, or just want to see the insides of the controller this guide is for you.

Replacing the Controller's Rechargeable Battery Pack
Hardware Guide

Got an old Xbox 360 Rechargeable Battery Pack that no longer holds a charge? Well if you don't want to drop 15 bucks on replacing one this guide is for you. Refurbishing the old battery pack is easy, these instructions will show you how to remove the bad batteries and replace them with better and longer lasting batteries.

Basic How-To Guides

Connecting to Xbox Live in a Hotel Room
Networking Guide

Do you travel a lot like I do? Do you like to travel with your Xbox 360? Tired of not being online while in a hotel? If you answered yes to any one of these questions then this guide is for you. I will explain how hotel networks typically work and how you can connect to Xbox Live on any hotel network.

How to Clean the Xbox 360 Console - Outside
Hardware Guide

The proper way how to clean the Xbox 360's outside case. Proper maintenance is a key factor in increasing your Xbox 360's life. This guide will explain the correct ways to clean the Xbox 360 Console. There are some methods of cleaning that could actually harm your Xbox 360. Check this guide out to ensure you are educated on the proper method of cleaning your system.

How to Bridge an Xbox 360
Networking Guide

This interactive guide will show you how to bridge an Xbox 360 through your PC computer/laptop and allow you to connect to Xbox Live using basic networking tips. This guide is compatible with Windows 7, XP, and Vista. Setting up a bridge brings many benefits to include increased network security, accessing a wireless network without an adapter, and to block or deny someone access to your Xbox 360.

Information Guides

Informational on the Xbox 360 Controller Battery Pack
Hardware Guide

The initial DRAFT on the Xbox 360 Controller Pack. This page is intended to share information about the different versions of the controller packs to inform people. Again this is the initial draft of the document so information may be missing or incomplete.

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