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Welcome! is a free online source that helps you to better take care of, repair, modify, or learn more about your Xbox 360. Please take a look around and enjoy!
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I am a hardware expert and I want to share my knowledge with you. Here you can learn everything there is to learn about the hardware of the Xbox 360. Discussions include fixing the RROD, repairing CD-DVD Drives, motherboard layouts, controller layouts, controller mods, console care, general maintenance, and other interesting hardware related topics.
Playing your favorite card games such as poker on your Xbox 360 has never been better now with added dimension of playing your favorite Xbox 360 games with the Xbox Kinect. You can find out more information about poker, you can get tips and tricks from the pros on popular online poker websites such as
Want to know the "secrets" of networking? It's not that hard! Come on in and I will show you basic Xbox 360 networking tips, traveling solutions, bridging, getting an open NAT, troubleshooting, connection issues, and so on.
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This site strictly adheres to ALL Xbox 360 and Microsoft Terms of Service (TOS) Agreements. This site will contain nothing illegal, improper, or anything that will give you the edge in online play. This site will not contain anything banable/questionable which includes system mods to play illegal games, gamesaving, online cheating, forcing host, hacking, tampering, lag switching, etc. If you are here for any of that stuff PLEASE turn back, you will find nothing like that here.
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Updated RSS FeedsFollow 360tuneup on Twitter